Skills & Knowledge

Stefan Nowak UnterwasserkameramannPhoto: Nik Weber

Comprehensive work-experience with all professional broadcasting HD- and SD-cameras, P+S-adaptors and primes, 35mm-Sensor Cameras, C300, action- and finger-cameras, camera-cranes, jibs and dollies, tough grip. Intensive filming-experience from helicopters (skids or mount) and fixed-wing aircraft. Experienced in producing rough-cuts on FCP and FTP-transmission; expedition-trained in deserts, high-mountains and jungle.

As an underwater-cameraman

and CMAS *** Scubadiver, YMCA-Master Diver, Divemaster, Nitrox-Diver and assistant instructor with more than 1000 dives I performed more than hundred wreck-dives in Scapa Flow alone, having plenty of salvage- and expedition-routine at sea. I enjoy a vast underwater-filming experience even under most difficult conditions.

Another speciality is ‘climbing’- and ‘action’-camerawork in rock-faces, on power-pylons or high structures, whilst top-roping, bungee-jumping, paragliding or riding on the roof of high-speed-elevators.

I have conceived, developed and constructed a wide range of equipment-accessories and built them myself, even ‘on assignment’ on mountains or in jungles.

Lecturer at Film- and Media-School ‘Filmhaus Köln’

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Spanish (fluent working knowledge), German (native speaker)

Licenses Motorcycle, Cars, Light Trucks – experienced in 4×4 rough terrain handling, International

Driving License; Boating Licenses Inland and Sea, Limited Radio-Communication License