Stefan Nowak KameramannPhoto: Peter Mertin

1961 Born in Cologne, Germany

1983-1985 Studies of ‘Photo- and Filmdesign’ at Dortmund University Of Applied Sciences, work as freelance photo-journalist, press-photographer and lay-outer.

1985 Abandonment of studies due to lack of real-life relevance

1986-1987 Staff-photographer with a boulevard-newspaper in Kassel, Germany

1987-1995 Staff-photographer with daily newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” in Berlin, Germany. Conception and implementation of photographic lab and photography department, book-publication, international publications in magazines and newspapers

1995-1998 Assistant-cameraman with renowned french documentary-DOP Jean-Claude Ramigé

1998 until today international work as DOP, Lighting Cameraman, Directing Cameraman and Underwater Cameraman